Episode 5 — Dour Faces and Audacious Actions

Sometimes you just have to be audacious in your approach to sales. Of course, your peer you sits and judges you, with their dour face, doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do. But perhaps they’re right. Are you being too audacious? What’s a rep to do when their strategy doesn’t fit the stereotypical approach? In this episode, the guys go all over the place and appear to be on three different tracks altogether. It’s chaos. But then, like any good 30-minute network comedy, everything comes together for a happy conclusion and peace reigns in the house…even if Mark’s face is still dour!

Episode 4 — How Do You Define Leadership?

There is nothing like a hard question to start the day, such as “How do you define leadership?” but that’s exactly what Gerhardt asked Darryl. Of course, Mark had to jump in with his opinions and before you know it, all three are debating the merits of their perspectives and then things just get out of hand. In the end, however, there is alignment on key points that will make you pause and think and maybe change how you’re acting as a leader in your profession!

Episode 3 — Is Sales an Art, or a Science?

It’s the age-old question — is selling an art, or is selling a science? What’s the answer? As you might imagine, opinions are quite varied around the table. Mark and Gerhardt and Darryl don’t often agree but they make compelling arguments for their point of view. In this episode, you’ll hear all of the subtleties that go into a successful sales professional including the science, and the art, necessary to hit quote every time.

Episode 2 — Sales and Sports Banter

In this second episode, sports is the theme. From analogies to euphemisms to playbooks, Mark and Gerhard and Darryl compare sports to the world of Sales. Just when you think they’ve run out of metaphors, they surprise you again. At the same time, they make their Superbowl winner predictions. Is their knowledge of sports any better than their knowledge of Sales? Tune in and find out.

Episode 1 — In Video Marketing, Size Matters

It only makes sense that video is discussed in the opening episode of the video podcast of Real Sales Banter. Join Mark Hunter, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and Darryl Praill as they kick off the premiere episode talking about a variety of sales topics that are sure to make you laugh, yell, and nod your head in agreement (or not)!